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What separates us from the rest:

t6 technologies goal is to provide you with the best managed system for your specific needs. In the area of e-mail services, we provide you with one of the strongest backbone internet connections available. We have stepped up to provide you with not only a Spam Filter and Virus Filter, but we also carefully select our clients to greatly minimize the chances of problems that occur on other e-mail systems such as blacklisting (blacklisting occurs when you or anyone else on your e-mail system gets flagged as sending spam).


    # of Mailboxes 3 10 25 40  

    Spam Filter

    Virus Filter



    Large Attachment Limit
20 Mb
20 Mb
20 Mb
20 Mb

    Disk Space
20 Mb
40 Mb
60 Mb
80 Mb

200 Mb
400 Mb
600 Mb
800 Mb

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* No Setup Costs.
** Monthly prices shown are valid for annual payments only.
*** Domain name not included.
**** If you are a tax exempt organization, please contact us to place your order.


We strive to make our customers 100% happy with our services. If we don't have a preconfigured plan that meets your needs, we will customize one specifically for you.